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MaMa the Ouija spirit by MissLate4Tea MaMa the Ouija spirit by MissLate4Tea
FINALLY....Im sorry Im so slow at updating my page. D:

ANYWAY, This is MaMa. He(she) IT is a ouija board spirit that people have been talking to for centuries via the ouija board. Oddly enough the entity who's name is "Mama" is commonly encountered along with the Z-Entities. AKA ZoZo.

MaMa is, of course, a nickname. As demons never truly reveal their TRUE name, I cannot tell you what his name is, as that gives you power over them, which they obviously do not enjoy.

There are multiple videos on youtube of people talking to both ZoZo and MaMa, and this website,


Go on youtube and search "Mama Ouija board" or ZoZo and enjoy the pure scariness!! This drawing, is my reprensentation Of MY OWN MaMa demon version, my drawing of ZoZo will be coming soon. :-3

MaMa is a male. He appears extremely feminine for multiple reasons, but mostly because he identifies better as a woman and is able to trick more humans as a female in appearance. He is in an love/hate relationship with ZoZo, and for more reasons we will ever know, can not leave his side and is always fighting for control as he has always been the runner up next to ZoZo. I still need to decide on colors for him, but I gave him bat wing ears, tail, and he does have large bat wings that come out of his back too. <3

Please go research more info if you'd like! Its really very interesting! More to come later!

MaMa picture and original design (c) Me
forbiddenscar Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
We talked to mama 11 years ago. Today i found out hes still here. I won.
MissLate4Tea Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lucky you! Id love to talk to him and ZoZo
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